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Turning Point Talking Therapies

Turning Point Talking Therapies

Free support for your mental health.
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Aidan’s Corner – Health and Wellbeing – Christmas Wellbeing

This week I want to focus on Christmas wellbeing and ways to keep yourself healthy.
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Aidan’s Corner – Health and Wellbeing – Winter

Hey Everyone! Here is my fully updated health and Wellbeing document on winter I hope
Are you worried about a young person?

Are you worried about a young person?

If you are worried someone is thinking about suicide… What to look out for… How
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Aidan’s Corner – Health and Wellbeing – Outdoors and why it is important to go outside

Hey Everyone for this week's health and Wellbeing I have decided to cover mental health
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Health and Wellbeing- Mental health

Hey Everyone for this week's health and Wellbeing I have decided to cover mental health
Report Remove

Report Remove

Report remove is tool for under 18s to report nude or sexual images or videos
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Aidan’s Corner – Health and Wellbeing – sports

Hey Everyone! In this week's health and wellbeing I will cover sports and why it
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Aidan’s Corner- Health and Wellbeing – Self Positive Talk

Hey Everyone!  In this Health and Wellbeing post I cover positive self-talk in order to
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Aidan’s Corner – Health and Wellbeing – procrastination

Hello Everyone, In this Health and Wellbeing post I want to discuss ways to stop
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Aidan’s Corner- Health and Wellbeing – Walking in Nature

Hello Everyone, This is my Health and Wellbeing on nature and why it is good
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Aidan’s Corner – relaxing places

This is my Health and Wellbeing document on finding your own relaxing place and some
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Aidan’s Corner – Health and Wellbeing – relaxation

Relaxation is very important in the workplace in order to stop yourself from panicking or
Aidan's Corner - Evergreen Active Blog

Aidan’s Corner – Evergreen Active Blog

Hello I am Aidan and here is my blog about when I met Evergreen Active.
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Aidan’s Corner – managing anxious feelings

There are many situations that can make us anxious- check out some top tips here
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Images for the van

Have your say!
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Know some of the risks of vaping
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Aidan’s Corner- Mental Health Awareness Week

Health and Wellbeing- Ways to improve mental health.
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Mental Health Awareness Week (15-21 May)

To help raise awareness of anxiety and share ways we can all help manage feelings
Wakefield LitFest

Wakefield LitFest

Are you a talented and creative young individual looking to showcase your literary skills?
Youth Spark Ambassadors

Youth Spark Ambassadors

Are you creative? Do you enjoy culture and creativity? Would you like to help other
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Aidan’s Corner- Ways to deal with stress

Health and wellbeing- ways to deal with stress
Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships (Instagram Post (Square))

Healthy Relationships Challenge- WSCP

We teamed up with Wakefield Safeguarding Children's Partnership to create a Weekly Challenge to promote
Drink Spiking

Drink Spiking

There are currently increasing concerns regarding the number of people who are having their drinks
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Pacing Myself Guide

A guide to feeling better after an illness
Young Healthwatch Wakefield logo on light grey background

Volunteer with Young Healthwatch

Young Healthwatch Wakefield Volunteers Required (Age 14-25 Years)
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Managing Difficult Feelings

What are suicidal thoughts and feelings?
two white speech bubbles on a red background, one says yes in capital letters, one says no in capital letter

What is consent?

Consent is permission for something to happen or agreement to do something
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What is a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is when two people develop a connection based on mutual respect, trust,
Discovery College logo on light grey background

Wakefield Discovery College

At the Wakefield Discovery College we have lots of opportunities that will help you to
Hand holding a phone that has a an illustration of a vote ballot box, with a blue background


Voting and politics can be very confusing. Often big and old-fashioned words are used, and
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Aidan’s Corner- 5 Pillars of Health

Check out my booklet about the 5 pillars of health!
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Transition to University Guide

Starting university is an exciting time in our lives but it can prompt feelings of
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Aidan’s Corner- Safe Places Poem

Young People Community Champions at YLC recently wrote a poem about their Safe Places
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What is a relationship?

Throughout our lives, we encounter many different relationships with different people...
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Aidan’s Corner- Introduction

My volunteer job role at Young Lives is Community Champion coordinator...