Self-help is using our own efforts to achieve our goals and solve our problems without relying on others. Self-help gives people the tools to be able to do things to help themselves. 

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are small things that we can all do to improve our emotional well-being. Why not take a look!



Bake, knit a heart, make someone a cuppa or even cut the neighbours grass.


Keep learning

Learn how to fix a bike, cook a meal, play an instrument or even a new language.


Be active

Walk the dog, dance in the bedroom or join a sports group.


Take notice

Sit outside, look around and listen



Spend some quality time with a friend or relative. Enjoy talking to each other and enjoy their company.


Self-help and well-being activities

Here are some useful activities: My Well-being Guide, Make Your Own Self-Care Box and the Daily To-Do Activity.

Try these activities

lifeboat 2
Lifeboat 1

More places you can get support 

Better Health: Every Mind Matters

Better Health: Every Mind Matters
Mental Health and self-care for young people.


Wakefield Discovery College
Provides free courses and workshops that can help anyone aged 16-25 with their wellbeing and recovery journey. 

Wakefield Safe Space

Wakefield Safe Space
Provides support for anyone in crisis (16+). Phone, Zoom and Face to face support. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm-12am- Caduceus House, WF1 4JZ
Phone: 07776 962815