Could you be a young carer? 


What is a young carer?

Do you have family members that depend on you for help to get them up and dressed, go shopping, do the housework or look after brothers and sisters? Do you keep an eye on medication and have to be strong for them when they are struggling?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, did YOU know you could get help and support too? Wakefield Council and partners have a duty to assess how much care you are doing and provide support to young carers if needed.


It may be difficult to talk about your feelings with the person you are caring for.

There are other people, trusted adults you can turn to. Young Carers tell us ‘Some adults just don't get what being a young carer is like’. If this is the case for you  get in contact with the Young Carers Youth Group, run by the Youth Work Team or Wakefield District Carers they will help you to put your views across with any adults you want to talk with.

You can chat to our Support Workers by sending us an offline message or emailing

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Looking after yourself - Top tips developed for you by Young Carers in Wakefield District

Young Carers tell us “School doesn’t understand what I have to do at home, or what the role of the young carers is, therefore they can’t understand why my homework isn’t done or why I’m late for school in the morning or why I check my phone constantly.”

Here are some top tips by Young Carers from Wakefield District.

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Want to find out more? Here's what's happening locally


Young Carers Youth Group
The Youth Work Team run a youth group Young Carers aged 11 - 18 (secondary school)  please follow the link to find out more about their services


offer support for families who are caring for a child or a young person, aged 0 to 25 years old, with special educational needs or a disability.


Carers Wakefield & District
offer support and groups for Young Adult Carers aged 17 to 25.


School Nursing offer health assessments for Young Carers. Speak to your school nurse email bdh-tr.schoolnursing@nhs.net or you can call Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, on 0300 373 0944.


Young Minds
Find out more here about being a young carer and how you can look after your wellbeing


Carers UK
Provides practical support and guidance for young carers


NHS Website
Explains your rights and choices -


Young Sibs
For Young People aged 7-17 years old that have a sibling with a disability