Aidan’s Corner- Safe Places Poem


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Aidan’s Corner- Safe Places Poem

2023-03-17 02:13

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Young People Community Champions at YLC recently wrote a poem about their Safe Places :

YP Community Champions Poem
My safe place looks like a different bright colour on each wall, football on the telly, Whitby beach, sheep in the field, and a river in English countryside I can swim in.

It smells like bananas, pomegranate candles, fish and chips, and a turkey roasting in the oven.

My safe place sounds like upbeat music sometimes, sometimes music I can have a good cry to, and the sound of my brother’s voice on the phone.

It tastes like margarita pizza, lemon and sugar, treacle and chocolate spread on waffles, Yorkshire puddings with a soft base, apple juice, and honey and butter on hot toast.

My safe place feels like thick socks, a fluffy blanket, a warm fire, and the cold side of a pillow in the middle of the night.

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