Managing Difficult Feelings


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Managing Difficult Feelings

2023-04-25 11:09

wfican trigger warning suicide

If you are having suicidal thoughts you may think it’s the only way to escape what you feel is an impossible situation, you just want things to stop getting worse.

Thoughts and feelings are very different! But these thoughts do not have to be acted on, try to put some time between these thoughts and any actions, so you are able to get help as there are other options and solutions out there.

You are not alone! Many young people have experienced or are going through these types of thoughts and feelings even if they don’t show it. Thinking about suicide is more common than we realise.

Don’t be afraid to TALK

Talk to an adult you trust about how you are feeling
Ask for support
Listen to advice and try any self-help tips suggested
Keep yourself safe, know who to contact if things get too tough

If you need urgent medical treatment go immediately to A&E or call 999.

If you have a suicide plan and are going to act on it contact the ReACH team. A parent/carer can ring if under 16 or you can do this yourself if over 16yrs. Available between 9am – 8pm, seven days a week tel; 01977 735865.

Over 18? Contact tel; 01924 316900

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