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Wakefield Discovery College

2023-04-24 12:46

We are the first Discovery College within the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the first Discovery College to be offered in Yorkshire! Best of all, you don’t have to live in the Wakefield district (or even Yorkshire) to attend. We’re open to any member of the public, aged 16-25, completely free of charge. You don’t need to be referred in to the College as we operate a self-enrolment service, meaning that you get to choose exactly what you’d like to do with us, how many courses or workshops you’d like to attend and where/how you’d like to attend these to best support your wellbeing.

Recovery is a personal journey! It’s about building lives, creating opportunities, taking control and instilling hope. Your journey may involve you becoming an expert in your own self care, finding new skills and interests or building your strengths and inner resources.

At the Wakefield Discovery College we have lots of opportunities that will help you to recognise your own interests, skills and talents. Working in partnership with local and national groups and organisations, we provide both online and face to face courses and workshops, hosted at a variety of venues across the district, that can help you on your own personal recovery journey. All of our courses and workshops are co-produced and co-facilitated, meaning they are designed and delivered by professionals (as you might traditionally expect) but also by those with lived experience of the subjects that they are teaching (known as experts by experience). This ensures that our courses support the needs and aspirations of people in our local communities.

We believe that people who have experience of health problems, whether that is personal experience or as a carer for someone, are the experts in their own lives. So, as we continue to grow the Discovery College, we want your help to develop the College and the courses on offer, sharing your ideas with us so that together we can create opportunities that will support people as they choose to be. This is co-production, and it’s what our Wakefield Discovery College is all about!

Want to know more about the courses on offer? Click here. Each course will tell you within its title whether it’s for those aged 16-17, 18-25 or for anyone 16-25.

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