Top tips developed for you by Young Carers from Wakefield District



“I would tell the young person to try and get some alone time, although it can be hard. Sit and write a letter to themselves or to someone like their parent/ carer about how they are struggling. After they have written this letter, they don't have to actually give it to the person, they could keep it, rip it up or burn it. This will help get everything out to clear your mind and to try to think things through.”



“Make sure you have time to yourself each day and if that means making a timetable for what you have to do and when, then so be it. But just make sure you do this daily so it doesn’t take over your life completely.”



“Make time to do homework, coursework and make sure that school is aware of the situation so you won’t fall behind with your studies. This can help with reducing the pressure.”



“Make sure you have time to reflect on the day and/ or week by keeping a diary or something. As it will benefit your mental health, you can also talk to teachers, youth workers about a certain worry or things that bother you.”



“Talk to people you trust about what is going on, don’t bottle everything up inside, as this makes things worse.”



“You could write a positive message to yourself and read it every time you are struggling,  it could say "I know u can get through this" just something to give you a little boost to get you through the day. Hope this helps-this is what I do and it helps me.”



“For you to always talk if something is bothering you and don't isolate yourself from friends and family if possible. Take care of yourselves too I know it may be hard but your mental health matters too. It is important for young carers to talk to other young carers to make sure they are all there for one another.”

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