Mindfulness is about taking notice of the things around us, it can make you feel calmer and happier.


Ask your parent or carer if they'd like to join in with you, it can be fun.

Find a quiet place, sit upright (maybe on the floor with your legs crossed?) or lay on the floor. You could quietly play calm music in the background. 

Why not try some of these fun ways to help you feel calm

Download the Bubbles activity
Download Super Senses

Listen to relaxing music


Imagine you are a superhero!

Super Senses - this download can help you learn how to stay in the minute. Turn-on your “Super senses,” and focus on smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste in the world around you.

You will pause and focus on what's happening right now, a great way to clear your head of worries and help you feel calmer.

Why not try this mindfulness app?