All families are different, big or small - the chances are there are going to be fall-outs. 


And there are many reasons, for example:

  • Not enough space, having to share rooms
  • Feeling you're being left out
  • People borrowing clothes/toys without asking
  • Not sharing the family laptops or devices 
  • Who used the last of something such as milk, toothpaste, and toilet roll!

Arguments in families cause worry for everyone living in the house, regardless of whether they are involved. Most of these can be sorted out with a little understanding and compromise even if it doesn’t feel like that at the time.


Here are some top tips:

  • Always ask before you take something that doesn’t belong to you
  • Think about the other person, what sort of day have they had?
  • Give each other space
  • Limit time on devices
  • Find things you like to do together
  • Let someone know if items are running low
  • Be prepared to share!

More places you can get support 


Compass Wakefield
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