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Strategy Wheel

Have you ever felt happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, or surprise? How did you react when you felt these emotions?

In life, different situations can mean that you have to react to things in different ways. For example, if you get angry at school; you will probably react differently to if you get angry at home.

Download activity sheet: How are you feeling? 

A strategy wheel is a useful tool to help you think about how to navigate feelings and strong emotions.  

You can make a strategy wheel to support you to identify different ways to cope with feelings for example being  angry, sad, scared or disappointed. It can help you to use peaceful problem solving to sort out difficulties and help you choose how you respond to different situations.

Click here to download the Strategy Wheel sheet

Create your own strategy wheel

Step 1: Recognise

Firstly, we have to recognise the emotions that we are feeling. Make a list of the different emotions you might feel.

 Step 2: Focus

In the centre of your strategy wheel, write or draw one emotion that you want to focus on.

 Step 3: Identify

Make a list of things that you do to help you manage this specific feeling.

 Step 4: Prepare

Inside each section of your wheel, draw or write some of your strategies that help you navigate your chosen emotion/ feeling.

 Step 5: Practice

When you feel that emotion, choose from your wheel what you could do and then start to practice this when anything like this happens again . It may take a few times, but if it doesn’t work for you try something else from the wheel.

A Month in Pixels

A Pixel Mood Diary will show you what mood you focus on during your days. As we all know, you can choose to see all the bad things that happen or focus on the things that made you happy.

Download the Pixel Mood Diary here 

Other places you might find helpful

If you’re finding it hard to talk to a social worker or professional, Mind of My Own app makes it easy for you to say what you want, when you want to. 


Compass Wakefield
Helps children, young people and families facing low mood, friendship problems, bullying, online bullying or feeling angry, lonely or sad before things get worse. Text BUZZ to 85258 for text messaging support, call 01924 665 093 or send off a referral form