Winter Water Safety


Winter Water Safety

Posted to the Noticeboard on December 16, 2022

Taking a nice walk in cold weather with your family, friends or dogs in tow can be really refreshing, but please remember the top safety tips listed below.

  • Be aware of any ponds, rivers or lakes that may have frozen over, never attempt to walk on them no matter how solid they may look and teach your children about the dangers of frozen water.
  • Do not go on the ice to rescue a dog
  • Keep dogs on leads
  • Keep back from the edge
  • Only walk around well lit areas
  • Sturdy shoes or boots with good grips are ideal for walking on paths that may be slippery due to ice.

If you do find yourself or anyone else in danger shout for help and call 999 immediately.

Source: Water Safety page- Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership, accessed on 16/12/2022