Community interviewers/ Peer researchers wanted!


Community interviewers/ Peer researchers wanted!

Posted to the Noticeboard on February 9, 2022



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Community interviewers/ Peer researchers wanted!


Could you be a Community Peer Researcher?


Are you involved in your local community or part of a community group?

Do you like talking to people?

Do you want to help us, a local independent grant making organisation, find out what is needed?

Do you want to make sure local voices are heard?


Then become a Community Peer Researcher….



In various areas around Wakefield district we want people to have conversations with local people about:

  • what would make a difference and improve their health and wellbeing
  • how charities and community groups can help meet these needs


This is a chance to speak up


We will provide training and support to help you do this work

  • Training will be 3 hours face to face wherever possible and paid
  • Each researcher will do 10 interviews of about 20-30 minutes
  • In total this will be about 15 hours of your time

How will I be paid?

£10 per hour plus expenses tor travel and phone use, this can be paid in vouchers if you prefer.


What is a local independent grant making organisation?

It is a charity that is based in Wakefield and has worked in the Wakefield district for many years using our funds to help local people and groups. We are called Wakefield District Health and Community Support or WDHCS for short. We think it’s time to do things a bit differently but we need help so we running this project.