Try accessing our chat service through this page. You can talk to our youth workers about anything, good things as well as things that are worrying you. Please note this is not a counselling service.

If we're online, to start a chat, press the chat circle in the bottom right corner of your browser and/or fill in the form. Please do not refresh or leave this page once you've started a chat, otherwise you may lose your place.

If we or you lose connection during the drop in and chat, please message back and mention the name of the worker, if we can we will reconnect you to them, or another member of the team is there for you.

Our confidentiality statement means that what you tell us we will keep private, but sometimes if we are really worried that you or someone else is in danger or at risk of serious harm, we will need to tell someone who can help or keep you safe.

If you are uncertain as to what this means or need to check something out, please ask.

Why do you need my information? Please read our GDPR

We're available to chat on the following days/times:

 Monday – Friday (1pm – 5pm and 7pm - 9pm)
 Weekends (TBC)

 Messages will not be seen outside these hours!