Most services or local groups are working but this may be online, through video calls or appointment only. 


Contact NHS 111, your GP if you or someone you live with is unwell. 


GP’s are offering telephone appointments and are seeing patients if needed. A&E is open for urgent health needs and have procedures in place to help protect staff and patients, it is important to get any serious health needs treated (such as asthma attacks, broken bones, heart attacks) to avoid further illness or long term health conditions.

If you or someone you know has one or more of the Coronavirus symptoms you can book a free test. If you need help to book a test call 01924 22 44 97

Symptoms and how to get a free test here


For the latest government advice about Covid 19 (Coronavirus) click here or visit the NHS 111 website here

To protect yourself and others you must:

  • wash your hands - keep washing your hands with soap regularly 
  • cover your face - wear a face covering over your nose and mouth in enclosed spaces such as on public transport and in shops. Unless you are under 11, have a disability, have breathing problems or are with someone who needs to lip read
  • make space - where possible stay at least 1 metre away from people not in your household, staying 2 metres apart is even better!

However, if you or someone in your 'bubble' feels unwell, get a test, if positive for Covid 19 everyone in the support bubble must self isolate for 14 days. 

Download the Coronavirus book for young people


What can't I do now that Wakefield is in Tier 2? 

  • You must not meet or host people you don't live with in their homes, unless they are in your support bubble.
  • You must not socialise inside/ stay overnight someone else's home even if they live outside of Wakefield, unless they are in your support bubble.
  • You must not meet people in indoor settings such as restaurants/ cafes, unless they are in your household or support bubble.
  • You should not visit friends or family in care homes, other than in exceptional circumstances.

For more local information on Wakefield and Tier 2 restrictions, click here.


At all times, continue to social distance when you are outside your home, at least 1 metre away from anyone you don't live with. As before you cannot:

  • Visit friends and family in their homes if they are not in your support bubble
  • Gather in groups of more than 6, unless it's for work, education, to support someone vulnerable or in an emergency
  • Sleep over at someone's house outside your support bubble

Remember the more people you interact with the more chances the virus has to spread. Limit the number of people you see especially for short periods of time.

You may find these contacts useful both now or when things are a little more normal


Wakefield Council – helpline

Wakefield Council have a helpline if you are self-isolating or living with someone who is at risk (shielding) and cannot go out tel; 0345 8 506 506 chose option 3 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm). The helpline can put you in touch with the appropriate service or organisation, this may be the local foodbank or community hubs who have volunteers to help with shopping, delivering food parcels or collect medication for you or someone you are worried about (maybe a sick or older family member or neighbour). They can even arrange for someone to telephone the person just to check they are ok and have a friendly chat.

You can contact us during our ‘drop in and chat’ service on here if you’re feeling a bit down or have something good to share.


Community Hubs

The Community Hubs are offering different services but all of them have volunteers to help with shopping, delivering food parcels or collecting medication for you or someone you are worried about. A few hubs are also providing cooked meals once a week for someone who is older or shielding and living on their own.

Visit this website for a list of the community hubs. You can ring them if you need support but they may be busy so keep ringing or email them.


Wakefield Cares Volunteering  

The Community hubs welcome volunteers, so if you are over 18 years old and want to help with shopping, walking the dog, making food parcels or having a chat with someone on the phone visit volunteerwakefield.org

If you are under 18 perhaps ask a neighbour if they need any help (keeping 2 metres away of course) or you could writing a letter, make a card or be creative and make hearts or knit them so they can be put in the food parcels to cheer someone up who is self- isolating or donate to a local residential home.


Wakefield Cares - Electric and Heating Worries

On a pre-payment meter or are you unable to leave the home to add credit for gas or electric or you have no money for food or fuel? Speak to your supplier to discuss their options to keep you supplied or contact Wakefield Council 0345 8 506 506.

More places you can get support 


Metro  worried about return to school transport? Information and updates.